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About Iraq In Context

Iraq in Context is a platform for detailed analysis of Iraq's economy, security situation and society after the liberation of Iraqi land from Daesh. 


We seek fresh perspectives on challenges and opportunities in Iraq, examining economic and security problems and potential advantages for Iraq, such as mineral wealth and oil and gas abundance. 


Articles and essays that examine the regional and global setting of Iraq as well as the historical context of events are of particular interest, as are articles written from a political science perspective. 


What we do not do, is publish content which seeks to view Iraq through a narrow sectarian lens, or views Iraq simply as a conflict and not a country. 


We also do not seek radical new arrangements for the Iraqi state, such as partition or authoritarian governance, although we may host articles which express these views, if only so that they can be challenged. 


We believe in reforming Iraq's political system based around its current form as identified in the 2005 Constitution, as a federal, democratic country with a socially representative armed forces, a modern private sector and the equal distribution of oil revenues between provinces based on population. 

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